M Syllabus for Physics 174, Fall 20%16

Physics 174 Syllabus, Fall 2016

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Time and Place


    The recommended background is knowledge at the Advanced Placement level or higher in biology, physics, calculus, and chemistry, with biology and physics being more important than calculus and chemistry. The more you know about these subjects, the more you will get out of the course. However, it is ok if you don't know one or more of these subjects since the course will be set up such that students with different backgrounds will be collaborating.

What You Need:

  1. A computer with access to the Internet and a browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. You will need to access the 174 webpage, the Duke Sakai website, and various other Internet resources.

  2. There are no required textbooks for this course. However, given the interdisciplinary nature of biophysics and the breadth of topics covered this semester, you should own a small library of textbooks corresponding to material covered in Duke introductory courses in physics, chemistry, biology, and calculus. If you don't have copies of such books, you can purchase inexpensive used copies via the Internet.

    We also encourage you to look at the two undergraduate (but upper-level) biophysics texts (see below) that we have placed on reserve in Perkins library. Either book would make a good reference if you plan to become a biophysics major.

Class Policy


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Course Schedule

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