The Journal of Low Temperature Physics publishes original papers on theoretical and experimental research in low temperature physics, including "Rapid Communications", regular and review articles, and occasionally conference proceedings. Rapid Communications are articles describing theoretical and experimental research containing results and predictions that are novel, important, and of immediate interest to the scientific community; their maximum length should be 10 journal pages, which corresponds to 20,500 characters (including text, text spaces, equations, figures, and tables). All papers are carefully reviewed, and the Editorial Board and Policy Committee's objective is to maintain the highest standards of publication. It is hoped that the journal will appeal on an international basis to those who wish to see papers on low temperature physics combined in one publication.
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Submission of papers

Manuscripts (Regular articles and Rapid Communications) should be submitted on-line following the instructions given on the website  Please connect directly to the site and upload all of your manuscript files by following the instructions given on the screen. Manuscripts will be directed to one of the Editors for the review process.

Authors who should have technical problems with this new submission procedure, please contact for help by e-mail  the three editors listed below. We will do our best !

 For the Americas and Austral-Asia:

 Dr.Neil Sullivan                           
Editor, Journal of Low Temperature Physics
Department of Physics
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611, USA
Fax: (352) 392-3591 [From outside the USA: dial code 001- ]
Telephone: (352) 846-3137

For Europe, Africa and Asia-minor:

Dr. Jukka Pekola
Editor, Journal of Low Temperature Physics
Aalto University, School of Science
P.O.Box 13500,
00076 Aalto, Finland
e-mail: <>

Special Issues (Conference Proceedings) and review articles should be submitted electronically to:

 Dr.Paul Leiderer                           
Editor, Journal of Low Temperature Physics
Department of Physics
University of Konstanz
78457 Konstanz, Germany
Fax: 49 7531 883091
Telephone: 49 7531 883793

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Publication policy

Submission is a representation that the manuscript has not been published previously and is not currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.  

The journal makes no page charges. Reprints are available to authors, and order forms with the current price schedule are sent by the Publisher.
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The style of the manuscripts should follow the recommendations made, for example, by the American Institute of Physics. Upon acceptance of a manuscript, the Editors reserve the right to introduce formal changes consistent with the overall style of the journal. This applies to such items as numeration of sections and subsections, numeration of equations and references, footnotes, and citation of equations and references throughout the text.

Illustrations (photographs, drawings, diagrams, and charts) are to be numbered in one consecutive series of Arabic numerals. The captions for illustrations should be typed on a separate page. Photographs should show high contrast. Captions and indexing of axes on plots  should be large enough  to be easily read. This applies in particular to the inserts.

Colored figures: Colored figures are accepted, and will be published as submitted "on-line"at no charge. On the figure caption, the authors should note: (Color on-line). Unless the authors make extra arrangements for  payment of colored figures in the paper version, the figures originally in color will be printed "grey shaded".

Tables should have an explanatory title and should be numbered and referred to by number in the text. Each table should be typed on a separate page.

References should be made by using superscript Arabic numerals, and the full references should be given in a list at the end of the paper. For maximum clarity, abbreviations should be avoided in the references. Whenever a book is cited, the number of the relevant chapter should be given.

Regular - and Review papers

Manuscripts must be typed with double spacing in a one-column format and include an abstract. The text should be prepared using a RevTeX , LaTeX or MS WORD style file. The authors will be notified by the publisher when a manuscript has been accepted, and will be asked to send electronically

          1) the final version of the paper including: the RevTeX , LaTeX or MS WORD file for the text and.eps and
           .pdf for each of the figures. References and the figure captions should come at the end, and each figure
            should be on a separate page. All pages should be numbered.
    IMPORTANT:  The e-mail address of the corresponding author should be written under the list of authors  on the first page!

    The .pdf of the entire paper including the figures at the end. It must correspond to the manuscript typeset from the files.

Rapid Communications, Conference Proceedings and Special Issues

Authors intending to submit an article for  "Rapid Communications" should contact one of the Editors for information on the format and maximum number of pages. Authors of articles in Conference Proceedings and in Special issues will get the information on format and submission procedure from the Guest-editor of the Proceedings or Special issue. Just as for "regular" manuscripts and review articles, both the TeX or MS WORD files and the .pdf should be sent to the Editor or Guest-editor of the Conference Proceedings.

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Transfer of Copyright and Reprint Order Form

The  Transfer of Copyright  and the  ordering of reprints from  Sheridan will be dealt with in a form sent electronically by Springer once the paper has been accepted for publication.

                        Questions?  Please contact one of the Editors.

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