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Welcome to my research logbook

This website is my "Lab Notebook." Here you will find my daily/weekly entries regarding whatever research project I'm working on at the moment. The archive page contains links to all of my previous entries. Email me if you feel you should have access to those posts.

My research (in plain English)

I'm currently working on studying the charm quark. Understanding the charm quark has a rich history. In the early 90s a theoretical framework (non-relativistic quantum chromodynamics, or NRQCD) was developed that does a very good job of describing experimental data. Except for one area (charm quark production in hadrons), it has stood up to every experimental test.

I am working to develop and measure new variables which may shed light onto the mechanism for the production of charm, anti-charm pairs (a pair is referred to as charmonium) at high energy collisions at the LHC. Previous experiments (namely the Tevatron), have measured a much higher rate of unpolarized charmonium particles. The predictions by the theory predict strong spin-alignment of the charmonium with its decay products. This means that the particle's decay products (pairs of muons) preferentially align with the charmonium.

Understanding this problem will lead to a better understanding of the nuances of NRQCD, as well as laying to rest an open problem in the Standard Model (one of physics' most successful theories).

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