2011 JET School

June 15-17 2011, Duke University

Main Topics:

Each main topic will be covered by a series of four one-hour lectures:

  • Introduction to Experimental Jet Finding and Jet Phenomenology in Heavy Ion Collisions (Joern Putschke, Yale)
  • Theory of electromagnetic probes
  • QCD description of jets
  • Twist expansion of QCD processes and jet propagation in medium (Abhijit Majumder, OSU)

Advanced Topics:

Each of these advanced topics will be covered by a one-hour lecture:

  • Hadronization by quark recombination (Che-Ming Ko, TAMU)
  • Jet Monte-Carlo simulations (Bjoern Schenke, BNL)
  • Color (de-)coherence and gluon radiation in medium (Yacine Mehtar-Tani, Santiago de Compostela)
  • Di-jets in heavy-ion colliisions
  • Photon-tagged jets