Condensed Matter Seminar, Duke University

Regular time and place: Thursdays at 11:30am in Physics 298.
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Upcoming events

2019/06/13   Journal club ft. Qiang Miaocalender data
"Entanglement in condensed matter systems: Scaling, topology, and spectrum"

[1]  N. Laflorencie, Phys. Rep. 646, 1 (2016)
2019/06/17   Amit Ghosal  (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata),   Unusual weekday: Monday!calender data
"Superconductivity in a disordered vortex lattice"

Orbital magnetic field and strong disorder weaken superconducting correlations acting individually on a type-II s-wave superconductor. The Abrikosov vortex lattice, resulting from the applied magnetic field, melts with an increase of the strength of the field, turning the system into a metal. Similarly, the presence of disorder causes a superconductor to insulator transition beyond a critical strength of disorder. Here we show that the interplay of these two perturbations, when present simultaneously in a two-dimensional superconductor, leads to its intriguing evolution. In particular, we show that the local superconductivity can actually strengthen due to interesting spatial reorganization or order parameters in the presence of strong disorder. While at weak disorder strengths the critical magnetic field for the suppression of superconducting energy gap matches with the critical field at which superfluid density vanishes, the two 'critical' fields diverge from each other with the increase of the disorder strengths. Our results have important consequences for the strong magnetoresistance peak observed in disordered superconducting thin films. We illustrate this by calculating the dynamical conductivity and analyzing its low-frequency behavior. Our results, which emphasize the role of spatial fluctuations in the pairing amplitude, capture the non-monotonic evolution of the magnetoresistance, consistent with experiments. We will also demonstrate that the presence of even weak disorder causes the Caroli-deGennes-Matricon zero-bias peak in vortex-core density of states to disappear. The origin and consequences of such dramatic behaviors will be discussed along with their experimental relevance.

Host: Harold Baranger
2019/08/22   Alexey Gorshkov  (University of Maryland)calender data
title and abstract t.b.a.

Host: Thomas Barthel
2019/10/10   Weiwei Xie  (Louisiana State University)calender data
title and abstract t.b.a.

Host: Sara Haravifard
2019/12/05   Sami Mitra  (American Physical Society)calender data
title and abstract t.b.a.

Host: Gleb Finkelstein

Past events

2019/06/06 Thomas Banks  (Rutgers University)calender data
"Instantons, colloids and convergence of the 1/N expansion for the homogeneous electron gas"
2019/05/07 Michel Gingras  (University of Waterloo),   Unusual weekday: Tuesday!calender data
"Has compelling experimental evidence for order-by-disorder at last been found in a frustrated magnetic material?"
2019/04/18 Benjamin Hunt  (Carnegie Mellon University)calender data
"Novel superconductors in two-dimensional materials and heterostructures"
2019/04/11 Vito Scarola  (Virginia Tech)calender data
"Topological Mott insulators in certain frustrated lattices"
2019/04/09 Matthew J. Gilbert  (Urbana-Champaign, Stanford),   Unusual weekday: Tuesday!calender data
"The non-Hermitian Chern insulator"
2019/04/05 Martin Fraas  (Virginia Tech),   Unusual time: Friday, 1:00pm!calender data
"Integers in gapped quantum lattice systems"
2019/02/07 Elizabeth L. Green  (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf)calender data
"Fermi Surface Reconstruction in Nd-doped CeCoIn5"
2019/01/31 Michael J. Manfra  (Purdue University)calender data
"Aharonov-Bohm interference of fractional quantum Hall edge modes"
2019/01/17 Jason Petta  (Princeton University)calender data
"Microwave spectroscopy of valley states in silicon"
2018/12/13 Journal club ft. Xin Zhangcalender data
"Phase transitions in driven-dissipative quantum optical systems"
2018/12/06 Luiz Henrique Bugatti Guessi  (Universidade de Sao Paulo, Duke)calender data
"Correlation effects in the emergence of bound states in the continuum"
2018/11/29 Arthur P. Ramirez  (UC Santa Cruz)calender data
"Transport in undoped Weyl semimetals and a new type of spin glass"
2018/11/15 Fabio Altomare  (D-Wave Systems)calender data
"D-Wave quantum annealer as a quantum simulator"
2018/11/08 Nicholas P. Butch  (NIST, UMD College Park)calender data
"Spin polarized half-gapped superconductivity"
2018/10/11 Seyed M. Koohpayeh  (Johns Hopkins University)calender data
"Development, synthesis, and bulk crystal growth of novel/quantum materials"
2018/05/10 Oleg L. Berman  (City University of New York)calender data
"Exciton Bose-Einstein condensation and superfluidity in two-dimensional nanomaterials"
2018/05/07 Hannes Pichler  (Harvard University),   Unusual weekday: Monday!calender data
"Universal photonic quantum computation via time-delayed feedback"
2018/05/01 Chun Ning (Jeanie) Lau  (Ohio State University),   Unusual weekday: Tuesday!calender data
"Spin, charge and heat transport in low-dimensional materials"
2018/04/26 Adolfo del Campo  (University of Massachusetts Boston)calender data
"Tailoring the dynamics of isolated and open quantum systems"
2018/04/19 Charles L. Kane  (University of Pennsylvania)calender data
"Topological superconductivity from Majorana to Fibonacci"
2018/04/17 Dan Shahar  (Weizmann Institute of Science),   Unusual weekday: Tuesday!calender data
"Hot superconductors and cold insulators"
2018/04/10 Manuel Houzet  (Université Grenoble Alpes and CEA),   Unusual weekday: Tuesday!calender data
"Non-equilibrium quasi-particles in disordered superconductors"
2018/03/29 Journal club ft. Anne Draeloscalender data
"Superconductivity and Mott insulating behavior in twisted bilayer graphene"
2018/03/22 Carlos A. R. Sa de Melo  (Georgia Tech)calender data
"Color superfluidity of neutral ultracold fermions in the presence of color-orbit and color-flip fields"
2018/03/15 Journal club ft. Xin Zhangcalender data
"Variational approach to non-equilibrium quantum impurity problems"
2018/02/22 James R. Williams  (University of Maryland, College Park)calender data
"Using Josephson junctions to probe quantum materials"
2018/02/15 Journal club ft. Gu Zhangcalender data
"Geometric phase at quantum phase transitions"
2018/01/11 Sho Yaida  (Duke University)calender data
"Novel phase transition within amorphous solids"
2017/12/07 Thomas Barthel  (Duke University)calender data
"Fractal structures in the phase diagram of the honeycomb-lattice quantum dimer model"
2017/11/16 Aashish Clerk  (University of Chicago)calender data
"Photonic analogues of topological superconductors"
2017/10/26 Dmitri Khveshchenko  (UNC Chapel Hill)calender data
"Thickening and sickening the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model"
2017/10/12 Giuseppe Calajo  (TU Wien)calender data
"Atom-light interactions in slow-light waveguide QED"
2017/09/21 Kirill Shtengel  (University of California Riverside)calender data
"Designer non-Abelian anyons and exotic quantum circuitry"
2017/09/07 Elbio R. A. Dagotto  (University of Tennessee and ORNL)calender data
"Computational studies of iron-based high critical temperature superconductors"
2017/09/05 Václav Janiš  (Charles University in Prague, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic),   Unusual weekday: Tuesday!calender data
"Quantum dot attached to superconducting leads: Andreev bound states and 0-pi transition"
2017/05/25 Journal club ft. Gu Zhangcalender data
"Transport through many-terminal Majorana islands"
2017/05/11 Journal club ft. Xin Zhangcalender data
"Topology of density matrices"
2017/04/20 Zhenzhong Shi  (National High Magnetic Field Lab)calender data
"Hidden order of Cooper pairs in a striped cuprate at high magnetic fields"
2017/04/06 Subir Sachdev  (Harvard University)calender data
"Confinement transitions of Ising gauge theories"
2017/03/30 Leo Fang  (Duke University)calender data
"Non-Markovian dynamics of a qubit due to photon scattering in a waveguide"
2017/03/23 Francesco Ciccarello  (University of Palermo, NEST, Duke)calender data
"Quantum 'non-Markovianity': new definitions and some recent developments"
2017/02/16 Po-Hao Huang  (Boston University)calender data
"Coupled spin-1/2 ladders as microscopic models for non-Abelian chiral spin liquids"
2017/01/12 Dong Liu  (Microsoft Station Q)calender data
"Majorana Search: Challenges and opportunities"
2016/12/01 Alexander Kemper  (NC State University)calender data
"Understanding complex materials using nonequilibrium spectroscopy: What can theory tell?"
2016/11/22 Informal seminar ft. Ben Lawson  (University of Michigan),   Unusual time: Tuesday, 1:30pm!calender data
"Torque magnetometry on topological superconductor candidate doped Bi2Se3"
2016/11/22 Informal seminar ft. Elbio R. A. Dagotto  (University of Tennessee and ORNL),   Unusual time: Tuesday, 9:30am!calender data
2016/11/15 Kin Chung Fong  (Raytheon BBN Technologies),   Unusual weekday: Tuesday!calender data
"Listening to the noise of Dirac fluid in graphene"
2016/11/10 Shiwei Zhang  (College of William and Mary)calender data
"Computing electron correlation effects: an auxiliary-field perspective"
2016/10/17 Denis Ullmo  (LPTMS, Université Paris Sud),   Unusual weekday: Monday!calender data
"Schrödinger approach to Mean Field Games"
2016/10/11 Yoshitomo Kamiya  (CMT Laboratory, RIKEN),   Unusual weekday: Tuesday!calender data
"Multiferroics by design with frustrated molecular magnets"
2016/09/29 Carlos J. Bolech  (University of Cincinnati)calender data
"Consistency between bosonization and nonequilibrium transport setups"
2016/09/22 Siyuan Dai  (UC San Diego)calender data
"Hyperbolic phonon polaritons in hexagonal boron nitride"
2016/07/18 Huaixiu Zheng  (Yale University),   Unusual weekday: Monday!calender data
"Quantum state smoothing for single microwave photon detection"
2016/04/07 Waseem S. Bakr  (Princeton University)calender data
"Strongly-interacting fermionic superfluids: spin-imbalance, lower dimensionality and topological defects"
2016/03/24 Konstantin Matveev  (Argonne National Lab)calender data
"Electrical and thermal transport in inhomogeneous Luttinger liquids"
2016/03/21 Hao Zhang  (TU Delft),   Unusual weekday: Monday!calender data
"Majorana zero modes in InSb nanowires"
2016/03/10 Eduardo Novais  (Universidade Federal do ABC, Brazil)calender data
"Fidelity of a quantum state protected by the surface code at finite temperatures"
2016/02/29 Journal club ft. Moritz Binder,   Unusual weekday & place: Monday, Physics 205!calender data
"Identification of Hamiltonians and Liouvillians"
2016/02/25 Adriana Moreo  (University of Tennessee, ORNL)calender data
"Robust nematic state in electron-doped pnictides induced by isotropic quenched disorder"
2016/02/11 Arnab Banerjee  (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)calender data
"In search of exotic fermions in spin-liquids - the case of a-RuCl3"
2016/01/21 Gu Zhang  (Duke University)calender data
"Rescuing a quantum phase transition with quantum noise"
2015/12/07 Journal club ft. Moritz Binder,   Unusual weekday: Monday!calender data
"Photonic quantum circuits with time delays"
2015/11/19 Daniel Silevitch  (University of Chicago, Caltech)calender data
"Tunable ground states in a model quantum magnet"
2015/11/12 Catherine Marcoux  (Duke University)calender data
"Limit-periodic structures: self-assembly and sparse vibrational modes"
2015/10/22 Adrian E. Feiguin  (Northeastern University, Boston)calender data
"Building and understanding magnetic nano-structures, one atom at a time"
2015/10/08 Christopher Wilson  (University of Waterloo)calender data
"Quantum electrodynamics in 1D using a superconducting artificial atom"
2015/10/01 François Amet  (Appalachian State University)calender data
"Superconductivity in the quantum Hall regime"
2015/09/24 Journal club ft. Gu Zhangcalender data
"Fate of the Kondo effect and impurity quantum phase transitions through the lens of fidelity susceptibility"
2015/09/10 Journal club ft. Leo Fangcalender data
"A chemical potential for light"
2015/09/03 Journal club ft. Anne Watsoncalender data
"Hot-carrier Seebeck effect: Diffusion and remote detection of hot carriers in graphene"

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