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Duke University   A14.00006 Khan Academy: the world's free virtual school
Duke University   A27.00005 Quantum Transport of Strongly-Correlated Photons in Waveguide QED
Duke University   B13.00015 Reentrant and Isostructural Transitions in the Cluster-Crystal Forming GEM-4
Duke University   B29.00012 Individual addressing of trapped ions using a MEMS beam steering system
Duke University   B29.00013 Scalable micro-scale optics for planar ion traps
Duke University   C1.00032 A closer look on the thermo-responsive behavior of ultrathin pNIPAM films - relating interfacial molecular transitions to macroscopic properties
Duke Univ.   D10.00001 The $^{11}$C Project:Measurement of Root Exudation at Elevated CO2 Levels in Low and High Nutrient Solutions
Duke University   D14.00009 Measured first-passage-time distributions for a high-dimensional system: noise-induced current switching in semiconductor superlattices
Duke   D32.00001 Spatial gradient tuning in metamaterials
Duke, UCSD   D32.00001 Spatial gradient tuning in metamaterials
Duke   H13.00003 Topology of the force field in a jammed granular systems exposed to an intruder
Duke University   H13.00009 Shear-jammed states in granular materials
Duke University   H14.00012 Stick-Slip and the Transition to Sliding in a 2D Granular Medium and a Fixed Particle Lattice
Duke University   J13.00013 Couette Shear for Elliptical Particles Near Jamming
Duke University   J28.00001 Distributed Strategies for Materials Development
Duke U   L13.00001 Relaxation of stresses and dynamical heterogeneities close to jamming in a granular experiment
Duke U   L13.00010 Structural Stability and Jamming of Self-Organized Cluster Conformations in Granular Materials
Microsoft Research and Duke   L29.00003 Quantum Monte Carlo Calculation of the Topological Entanglement Entropy in a Kagome Spin Liquid
Duke University   L35.00007 Metastable states along the Bain path in AgZr with AFLOW
Duke University   L8.00005 Van Vleck and the magnetic susceptibilities of gaseous molecules
Duke University   P45.00007 Observation of shock waves in a unitary Fermi gas
Duke University   P45.00008 Theory of shock waves in a unitary Fermi gas
Duke University   Q13.00003 Application of Edwards' statistical mechanics to polydisperse and high-dimensional jammed sphere packings
Department of Physics, Duke University   Q13.00004 Cyclic simple shear in a two-dimensional granular system
Duke University   Q13.00006 Structural Correlations in Glass-Forming Hard Spheres Fluids
Dept of ECE, Duke Univ   Q32.00003 Observation of UV Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectra using Ga Nanoparticles
Dept of ECE. Duke Univ   Q32.00003 Observation of UV Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectra using Ga Nanoparticles
Dept of Physics/ECE, Duke Univ; Army Aviation and Missile RD\&E Center   Q32.00003 Observation of UV Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectra using Ga Nanoparticles
Department of Physics, Duke University   Q32.00003 Observation of UV Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectra using Ga Nanoparticles
Duke University   T22.00009 Mesoscopic Anderson Box: Connecting Weak to Strong Coupling
Department of Neurobiology, Duke University   T44.00002 A Two-Species Social Dominance Model
Duke University   V23.00006 Periodic critical current pattern in the superconductor-graphene-superconductor junction induced by the current in one of the leads
Duke University   V28.00006 Carbon nanotube quantum dot in a dissipative environment
Duke University   X13.00007 Coarse-Graining of a Physical Granular System
Duke University   X14.00001 Harnessing Instabilities in Polymers under Electric Fields
Duke University   X32.00004 Binary Magnesium Alloys: Searching for Novel Compounds by Computational Thermodynamics
Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Department of Physics, Duke University   X32.00005 High-throughput combinatorial search of novel topological insulators
Duke University   X32.00006 Classification of the ICSD by crystal Prototype
Duke University   X32.00007 Novel Occurences of L1$_1$ and L1$_3$ found using the synnergy between High Throughput and Cluster Expansion
Duke University   X32.00008 Ab Initio Insights on the Shapes of Nanocrystals
Duke University   X34.00005 Programmable Nanofabrication of Nanoparticle Assemblies of arbitrarily Shapes on DNA Templates
Physics Department and Center for Systems Biology, Duke University   X38.00004 Autonomous Boolean models for logic, timing, and stability in regulatory networks
Duke University   Y13.00002 Homogeneous linear shear of a two dimensional granular system
Duke University   Y23.00009 S -N-S junction formed by graphene with lead (Pb) contacts
Duke Physics   Z13.00002 Jet-Induced Granular 2-D Crater Formation with Horizontal Symmetry Breaking
Duke University   Z27.00008 Electron Localization in the Inhomogeneous Electron Gas: Quantum Point Contacts