PHY 810: Advanced
Solid State Physics


Course Description:

This is a graduate level course in solid state physics: the goal is to address many-body effects in solid state systems, with a particular focus on electronic properties. The exact topics covered depend on the instructor and the interests of the students, but typically may include
Some prior knowledge of solid-state physics and quantum mechanics is assumed. Second quantized notation is introduced in the first week and then is used extensively, but no field theory or Green function formalism is used (note that the course catalog description is out of date in this regard) - the focus is on physical phenomenon rather than theoretical techniques.

Prof. Harold U. Baranger
Prerequisites: A good quantum mechanics course is essential, such as Phy 312 or 322 (now 764, 765). In addition, some prior study of solid state physics at the undergraduate level is desirable (but not essential). Students who are interested in taking the course but have not taken these prerequisites are encouraged to contact the instructor to discuss their situation-- the course has been successfully completed by students who have studied only part of the prerequisite material.

Assessment (ie. grades):
There are no exams in this class. The grade is based on problem sets, a final project in which the student presents a topic to the class, and classroom participation. 

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